Tuesday, December 29, 2009

India Free Surveys For Cash

Today's posting will be about the sites for India free surveys for cash that you can join.

India is considered as one of the most progressive country in terms of IT and being able to rank 4th of the highest number of Internet users in the world is a clear prove on that matter. There are many ways for Indians to make cash apart from being online and taking free paid surveys for cash is among the top choice to choose from. It is simple, fast and most importantly it is legitimate business. Who wouldn't want to make extra cash from answering simple questions about the things you love? Normally, it would just take around 15 minutes to complete one free survey and you can expect your payments shortly afterward.

There are several types of compensation when it comes to paid online surveys. You can be paid either by gift cards, merchandises, sweepstakes or cash. Getting paid for doing free surveys for cash is the most likely for Indians to choose from. Cash surveys can be acquired from two methods. One is through direct cash payment and the other is by accumulating points which are redeemable for cash.

Below are the free paid survey sites that pay cash for Indians.

1. Global Test Market - One of the most reputable paid survey company in the world which sends lot of free surveys for Indians. Marketpoints will be rewarded for completing online free surveys where each worth around 50 to 200 points. 1000 marketpoints are equivalent to $50.

2. Ciao Surveys India - The recently established paid survey panel for India seems to be getting quite the attention among Indians. Up to Rs.250 for each completed free cash surveys with 250 rupees for minimum payout.

3. Corp Scan - A premier India online free surveys that pay cash. Incentive points will be given for each completed tasks rated at Rs.20 per point.

4. Brand Institute - A great place for doctor, nurse or pharmacist who resides in India as they tend to distribute free surveys cash related to health and medical field. Each paid free surveys are worth between $5 to $15.

Although there are many other survey for cash sites for Indian, what I have listed here are among the top of the chart. So don't waste anymore time and register to any of the above India free surveys for cash.
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