Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Consumer Opinion | Referrals Program

American Consumer Opinion referrals program is separated from their online survey panel by the name decisionanalyst. There is no obligation to become ACOP member in order to join their affiliate program. In other words, you can register directly to decisionanalyst without being a survey panelist. Here are some important information on their referral program:

ACOP Referrals/Affiliate Program Image

Cost To Join : Free

Regions of Participation : International

Incentive : $0.50 per referral

Minimum Payout : $10

Payment Method : Check

Once you have registered and approved by decisionanalyst, they will send you with an email containing the login information that you can use to select from a variety of banners and text links to begin your campaign. Each of these ads contain your personal referral ID which are needed to identify the source of the incoming clicks.

If a person clicked on your personal referral link and did not register into the prgram, rest assure as the cookies will be saved for 365 days from the day the click was made. That's mean that if by some chance that same person revisit and register into decisionanalyst within the 365 days, you will still get the credit for recruiting that person.

You can join American Consumer Opinion Referrals Program here :

Good Luck !
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