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MyView | Make Cash Online Paid Surveys known as SurveyDirect) is a sub-company of Authentic Response, a comprehensive marketing research panel that operates globally. Since 1996, My View has been conducting countless surveys from various field studies such as business, family, food and beverage, gaming, TV, movies and much more. Any individuals that agreed to take the paid surveys will be compensated with cash rewards as a token of appreciation from MyView. All survey invitations will be distributed to qualified members through email after the completion of personality surveys on the member's area. In January 2008, they have made some changes by introducing a new rewards system in which panelists will be rewarded with "MyView Dollars" instead of individual rewards. The accumulated MyView dollars can be exchange with PayPal Cash, Amazon or Gift Certificates. Their community surveys is free to join and open for International registration. As for the age requirement, one must be at least 13 years old to qualify as a their survey takers.

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Make Cash with MyView
They offer 2 different methods to make cash from their network which is from completing paid surveys and monthly sweepstakes. Like I've said before, they practice a reward system in order to provide panelists with more incentive options to choose from. The conversion rate is $1 for each MyView Dollar earned.
  1. Surveys For Cash
  2. You can expect to be paid anywhere from $1 to $15 for each surveys you qualify and submitted. Please note that you wont get a direct cash compensation but will be rewarded with MyView Dollars which add up to your account balance.

  3. Monthly Sweepstakes
  4. For those who have took the pre-qualification question surveys but did not qualify for the study, MyView will automatically directed the member into their monthly sweepstakes for each disqualification. A drawing will be held at the end of each month where 1 person is going to get a grand prize of $500 and $50 for 10 other lucky sweepstakes winners.

Once you have accumulated a minimum payout of 25 MyView Dollars, you can redeem those dollars to either $25 PayPal Cash or $25 Gift Certificates. An issued payment can take up to 8 weeks before it get delivered to your email address from the date of the redemption.

How to sign up with MyView
Currently, the registration to become their panel member are only available through MyView invitation link only. You must complete a basic profile along in the registration process to qualify for the online surveys.

Their Homepage :

You can join MyView from any of these links : Sign Up Link 1 | Sign Up Link 2

Although they sends out quite a low frequency of survey invitations, MyView is definitely one of the best legitimate online paid survey site that have proven to pay their panelist accordingly. They conveniently provide a payment method with PayPal which most of other survey site don't. On top of that, most of surveys they distribute will be compensated with reward incentives which can be manually redeemed for cash of gift certificates. ^_^

That's all for this review and good luck on making cash with MyView free surveys for cash.
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