Thursday, April 2, 2009

Survey Spot | Make Money Online Surveys

Survey Spot was created and managed by Survey Sampling International, a global leader in market research network since 1997. Their overall program involve in offering users to make cash from their paid online survey. For me, one of the very uniqueness in Survey Spot is about the frequency of getting survey invitations. Usually, they will send you with at least one survey to be completed in every week. It is always about both quality and quantity when we refer to Survey Spot. It is free to join them but the membership are currently open for Unites States residents only. You must also be at least 18 years old to qualify as their survey participants.

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Make Money with Survey Spot
They offer 3 ways to earn cash from their network which is from doing online surveys, instant win games and quarterly sweepstakes. Similar to my last post: Make Money with Valued Opinions, Survey Savvy also did not offer any referral or affiliate program in their network.
  1. Surveys For Cash
  2. Some of the surveys that they provide will be rewarded in the form of cash rewards. A typical survey associated with cash incentives can make around $2 - $10 each depending on the value and length of the survey.

  3. Instant Rewards
  4. For every survey that you completed, you will stand a chance to win prizes from their instant win games such as survey scratch and survey slot. Prizes offered can be in the form of electronic, video or music items and are distributed once in every two weeks.

  5. Quarterly Sweepstakes
  6. Each completed survey will reward you with one entry into their quarterly cash sweepstakes where a lucky member will win an astounding $25,000 in cash.

There is a minimum threshold of $5 to request your earnings from SurveySpot. Payment will be sent via check and usually received within 4-6 weeks from the issued day. As for instant win prizes, you will get paid through a paypal payment or an amazon gift card.

Survey Spot is without a doubt a perfect solution for US residents to earn instant cash from doing online surveys. Although not all of the SurveySpot's surveys offer cash incentives, they sent lots of survey invitations for each members to balanced this imperfection. The type of rewards for each surveys will be indicated along in the invitation email from which can be either a cash survey or sweepstakes survey.

You can join Survey Spot here :

That's all for this post and good luck on making money with SurveySpot free surveys for cash.
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