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Your2Cents | Make Money Online Paid Surveys

Your2Cents Online Opinion Panel is a division and operated by Common Knowledge Research Services from the Toluna Group, a marketing research firm located in Dallas, Texas since 1988. They introduced Your2Cents panel in 1996 to provide consumers with the opportunity to earn money from taking online paid surveys by reviewing and giving opinions on marketer's products or company services. They are claiming to have build up over 1 millions panel members that are willingly to participate in surveys involving industry leading manufacturers, retailers, technology companies, service providers and restaurant chains in exchange for cash rewards. Your2Cents membership availability is currently open only for United States and Canada residents. It is free to join their survey community and you must be at least 13 years of age or over to qualify as their panel member.

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Make Money with Your2Cents
There would be 3 possible 'gateway' for you to make cash from their opinion panel which are from completing online surveys, bonus rewards and cash sweepstakes. However, Your2Cents does not provide any referral program that you can benefit from. They use points rewarding system that can be converted to cash when you request for a payment. The conversion rate is $1 for 3000 points accumulated.
  1. Surveys For Cash
  2. There would be two types of surveys in their network. For Online Surveys, you can be an instant winner for each time you have completed a given survey and will be credited with at least $1 and up to $5 depending on the survey attribute and value. For Mobile Surveys, you will have to take a particular survey by answering a set of questionnaire from Your2Cents representative using your phone as a medium of communication. Each completed mobile survey session can generate at least $3 and up to $5.

  3. Bonus Rewards
  4. You can gradually increase your earnings with Your2Cents using their exclusive bonus rewards. Every time you take and completed a member profile, they will pay you with an additional $1 to your account. Plus, if you have taken a certain 'amount' of profiles, you will gain another $1 after you have completed or qualified the same 'amount' of surveys. For instance, if you have completed 6 member profiles, Your2Cents will pay you with an additional $1 after you have completed 6 surveys from their network.

  5. Cash Sweepstakes
  6. There is a cash sweepstakes giveaway which will be held 4 times a year where a lucky panelist will be rewarded with $5000 in cash. You can get free entry into their sweepstakes from joining Your2Cents, completing an online survey and even for the attempt to qualify for a study in case you did not. You can also make use of your accumulated points to exchange for entries into their sweepstakes that you can manually set in the members area.

There is a minimum payout of $10 or 30,000 points to request a withdrawal and are paid via check within 2 - 6 weeks from the day of redemption. Your2Cents will send an issued payment on multiples of $10. For examples, if you have a balance of $15 and request for a payment, you will receive a check worth $10 and left a $5 balance in your account. If you have $32 in your account balance and request a payment, you will get a $30 of check and left a $2 balance in your account.

Your2Cents is an excellent paid surveys site that provide panel members with a variety of getting incentives from their survey network. Aside from their well compensated online surveys, they even offer additional cash rewards for panel members as a symbol of appreciation for keeping their demographic and personal information up to date. However, the frequency of receiving survey invitation is quite low as you can only expect to receive around 2 to six surveys monthly. Nevertheless, Your 2 Cents is a great way for US and Canada residents to earn extra cash just by doing online surveys.

You can join Your2Cents here :

That's it this entry and good luck on making money with Your2Cents free surveys for cash.
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