Monday, May 18, 2009

Lightspeed Survey | Points Program TOC

What is Lightspeed Points?

It is a measurement or rewarding system used by lightspeed to compensate their panelist for taking the paid survey. The accumulated panel points can be redeemed for prizes or cash when the minimum payout level is reached. The conversion rate depends on the variation of lightspeed panel country. For United States panel, 115 points = $1 USD.

TOC : Panelist Registrations Requirements

Panel are open for local residents only, for instance: US lightspeed panel is made for US residents, UK lightspeed panel is made for UK residents and etc. You must also be at least 18 years old to be eligible as a survey taker with only 1 personal account.

TOC : LightSpeed Points Accumulation

Panelist can gain their panel points on two conditions. First: completing an online survey or online market research activities. Second: A panelist can earn points through any activities announced by lightspeed on their homepage, depending on the availability.

TOC : LightSpeed Survey Points Value

For a typical survey which takes around 10 to 15 minutes, panelist can expect to receive 50-300 points each session. As stated in their terms and conditions, there are a maximum of 10,000 points per completed survey or research activity.

TOC : Redemption

Once a panelist accumulated enough panel points, a payment can be requested from the member's area. For US panel, the minimum payout level is 600 points which can be redeemed for either direct cash deposit to PayPal account, online gift certificates by email or choosing merchandise on the reward section.

TOC : Rewards Delivery

All issued payment will be processed and send within 4 weeks from the day of redemption.
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