Friday, May 1, 2009

SurveySpot Toolbar | Double Your Earnings

In 4th of December 2008, SurveySpot has launched their very own toolbar to assist panelists in many way. Survey participants can now access surveys right from their browser without the need to log in to member's area. Beside that, they can also take part in Survey Spot exclusive polls, be informed with the latest news and announcements, follow friends on twitter and even send tweets right from the toolbar itself.

SurveySpot Toolbar Image

Download here : Survey Spot Toolbar

Although they did not claim that one will get more surveys from the toolbar, some of members have experience a slight change from what they've received before. Maybe you wont get more surveys but there's a high possibility that you'll receive more quality paid surveys than ever before. In other words, the compensation will be higher. So I would highly recommend any SurveySpot members to download their toolbar to fully maximize your earnings.
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