Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CashCrate Paid Surveys For Cash FAQs

Several frequently asked questions(FAQs) about CashCrate paid surveys and how they works.

Q : What is CashCrate?

CashCrate in a nutshell is a get paid to complete offers site. What they do is provide spaces for marketers to improve their products or services by running campaigns such as reviewing products, taking online paid surveys, email subscription, buy products, rebate and much more. CashCrate will then pass up to 75% from the payments to their members for completing the offers.

Q : Do CashCrate have paid surveys?

Of course they do, in fact they offer two types of survey. One is daily surveys and the other one is targeted surveys. As the name implies, daily surveys is an online surveys that are distributed to qualified members on a daily basis. Targeted surveys on the other hand, offer a higher incentives and will be distributed only when a campaign occurred.

Q : Will all members qualified for paid surveys?

No. Daily surveys are most likely offered to members from US only. The same situation applies for targeted surveys(in most cases).

Q : How much will I get paid?

Compensations will be made in cash. You will receive 2 daily surveys each day, valued at $0.80 each which brings a total of $1.60 a day or $48 a month. Targeted surveys compensation are a lot higher than daily surveys, and is proportional to its length, attributes and urgency.

Q : How will I get paid?

CashCrate sets a minimum payout of $20 through check preferences. You will get your check one month after the goal was met and usually processed on the 20th of that particular month.

Q : How to join CashCrate paid surveys?

There is no separate address for joining their paid surveys, just register to cashcrate normally here and if you meet the required geographic location, you will receive paid surveys invitation through your email.
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DaVe said...

Thanks for the tips.. Although I have to ask.. Do they really give out two surveys each day? I'm having trouble finding them..


Brian Remy said...

Sure Dave! But like I've mentioned before, only 2 maximum daily surveys per day to qualified members. Which means that you might or might not get the surveys - depending on you location. And even if you did, there will be times when you'll only get 1 or 0 survey in one day, so its pretty much depending on the campaigns itself. Anyway, Good Luck to you!