Friday, March 27, 2009

Treasure Trooper | Make Money Online Surveys

Among other online surveys for cash, Treasure Trooper is probably the most fun and profitable paid surveys network that I have come across. Their overall system is like having a treasure hunting conquest where you'll be aiming for the final treasure which in this case refers to the cash for completing an online survey. They also provide an excellent support for their members to share, ask, make friends and other stuffs from their friendly community forum. On top of that, they even have their own version of Indiana Jones comic series just to entertain their members =). You must be at least 13 years old to join Treasure Trooper and they accept worldwide memberships.

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Make Money with Treasure Trooper
There are 4 ways for their members make money online which is through taking and completing offers, online surveys, contests and referral program.
  1. Complete Offers
  2. Treasure Trooper will provide their members with many offers to complete which are determined by the participants country of origin. Some offers may only valid for a certain countries and most of it are for US residents only. To complete an offer, you need to click on the name of the offer and complete the required action from which are stated next to the name list. After finishing the required task, you will need to click on the 'Done' button and the offer will moved to your pending list. Once the completed offers has been approved, Treasure Trooper will pay you according to the amount stated on the list offers. Each completed offers can generate you anywhere from $0.50 to $50 depending on the task.

  3. Online Surveys
  4. Treasure Trooper only distribute daily online surveys to their members from US. There will be two surveys for each day which you can try as many times as you want until you are qualified. For the 1st survey, you can get $0.75 each and $1 for the 2nd survey.

  5. Contests
  6. For each offers and surveys you have completed, you will get a certain amount of gold coins from which can be used on the trading hut to purchased items for the treasure contest. Winning a treasure hunt contest can get a reward of $100 worth of real cash. Besides, there will also be a VIP club where you will get free platinum coins that can be used to trade for gift cards or others prizes. VIP member status can be gained when you have reached a lifetime earnings of $500.

  7. Referrals
  8. Treasure Trooper practice a two-tiered referral program. For your direct referrals(1st tier), you will get 20% of their earnings and 5% for your 2nd tier referrals earnings.

There will be a minimum payout of $20 in order to get paid by Treasure Trooper. They will pay via check and the payment will be processed on the 15th-20th on the next month of the month which the minimum payout requirement is meet. For example, if you earned $30 in February, you will be paid on the 20th of March.

Treasure Trooper Comic Image

Beside from getting paid from their network, you also can use the money you earned to shop online and get back a certain percentage of the cash to your account. Plus, you will get some platinum coins that can be used on the trading hut for your treasure contest.

You can join Treasure Trooper here :

That's it for this post and good luck on making money with Treasure Trooper free surveys for cash.
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