Monday, April 13, 2009

Choozz | Earn Cash Online Paid Surveys

Choozz is another division of Survey Sampling International (SSI), the same research panel that created SurveySpot. They have been conducting online surveys that mainly targeting teens as consumers since 2006. Unlike any other survey sites, Chozz is well known for their exciting element of entertainment research as chooz surveys are always revolves around music, movies and games. This is why they are so popular among teens and adult that seeks extra pocket money while having fun at the same time. To register into Choozz, you need to fill in the membership request on the sign up page. Once you have been approved, they will send you with a link to the application form with PIN and password combination to log in to member's area. Membership to their survey panel is free but Choozz only accepts registration from US and UK residents only. Also, any individuals that wish to participate into their survey network must meet their age requirement: 13 years or over for US and 14 years or over for UK. Both panel are targeting consumers under the age of 35.

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Make Money with Choozz
There are three ways to profit from their panel which is from instant win game, cash surveys reward and sweepstakes. Similar to SurveySpot, Choozz also did not provide any referral or affiliate program.
  1. Instant Win Games
  2. For each surveys you take and completed, you will get one chance to play on their instant win game. If you are lucky, you can win cash and prizes which will be credited instantly to your account.

  3. Surveys For Cash
  4. Some surveys will reward you with cash incentives from which are indicated along in the survey invitation. A typical 20 - 30 minutes survey should generate around $5 to $10 each, depending on the difficulty and task needed to be done.

  5. Sweepstakes
  6. You can get one free entry into their quarterly $25,000 grand sweepstakes whenever you completed an offered survey. Most of the surveys that you are going to received from Choozz will be compensated in sweepstakes entries. You stand a chance to win $50 - $100 worth of electronic items, music and video download from their monthly drawing.

There is no minimum payout to request for withdrawal from Choozz and they will pay via check.

You can join Choozz here :

That's all for now and good luck on making money with Choozz Panel free surveys for cash.
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