Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LightSpeed Consumer Panel | Make Money Online Surveys

LightSpeed Consumer Panel was established in 2000 by Wire and Plastic Products(WPP), a UK manufacturer of wire baskets that has evolved and became a foundation of today's renowned worldwide marketing research and communications services groups. They provide an alternative for marketers to collect valuable reports and consumer's feedback by conducting an online paid survey and reward their panel members with cash for completing the opinion surveys. Currently, they have 16 panels across the globe which are U.S, Canada, U.K, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, China, Australia, Ireland, Japan and South Korea. Their membership is free but you must be at least 18 years old to qualify as their survey panelist.

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Make Money with LightSpeed Consumer Panel
There are two ways for you to earn money with LightSpeed which are from completing online surveys and winning cash sweepstakes. Unfortunately, they did not offer any referral and affiliate programs that you can benefit from.
  1. Surveys For Cash
  2. LightSpeed implement points system in which members who complete a survey will be rewarded with LightSpeed Points which are redeemable for cash. The conversion rate is 115 points = $1 USD. Most of their surveys will generate anywhere from 50 - 300 lightspeed points depending on the length and value of the survey.

  3. Cash Sweepstakes
  4. You will get one entry into Light Speed sweepstakes for each time you participate and complete a survey, mini-poll or quick match. Every three months, a drawing will be made where one lucky panelist will be chosen as a winner to win $5,000 USD in cash.

LightSpeed panel members can use the accumulated points to redeem for cash, gift certificates or gift cards, music downloads, electronics goodies, and kitchen appliances from their online survey rewards catalog. For cash option, there is a minimum payout of 575 LightSpeed points or $5 USD before you can request a payment. They will sent an issued payment directly to your PayPal account.

LightSpeed will send panel members with a lots of surveys invitation from time to time. To qualify for a survey study, you must first take a short question survey in order to determine whether or not that particular survey is targeted for you. Even if you don't qualified, Light Speed will be reward you with one entry into their cash sweepstakes. Plus, LightSpeed is one of several paid survey sites that offer payments with PayPal which means that you will be paid very quickly.

You can join LightSpeed Panel here : http://www.lightspeedpanel.com

That's it for now and good luck on making money with LightSpeed Consumer Panel free surveys for cash.
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