Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pinecone Research | Make Money Online Paid Surveys

Pinecone Research is an online marketing research panel that conduct online surveys to collect opinions on new products from consumers on a designated country. Most of their surveys involve in households components such as hygiene products, pet treatments and electrical items. To qualify for a given survey, Pinecone would usually send a short and brief survey about your household to match the appropriate study. There will even be times when you will receive a 'hands on' task in which you must try out the product yourself. Pinecone will send you a package that contain the test product from which a detailed instruction is included. You will then required to take another survey after a certain amount of time to collect your personal opinion and experience with the product. You can join Pinecone research for free but you must be at least 18 years old to become their panel member. Their panel membership is mainly available for UK, USA and Canada.

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Make Money with Pinecone Research
There will be two possible ways to earn with Pinecone which is through taking online surveys and winning a cash sweepstakes. Similar to my last post on Make Money with LightSpeed Panel, they do not have any referral or affiliate programs in their network.
  1. Surveys For Cash
  2. After you have qualified for a survey study, Pinecone will provide you with a particular password to access a designated website to take the survey. You will be paid $3 for each time you have completed product evaluation surveys and usually each survey will take around 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Panel members are expected to receive one or two surveys monthly.

  3. Cash Sweepstakes
  4. Each times you have completed a survey, you will automatically entered into Pinecone's bi-weekly sweepstakes where you can win $600 in cash.

You can select your payment preference to be PayPal or check from the email sent by Pincone. There is a minimum of $1 for payment by PayPal and are transmitted almost immediately after a survey completion. For check payment, you must reach the minimum threshold of $5 before requesting for a withdrawal. Pinecone checks are valid for 120 days.

How to Sign Up for Pinecone research
It is actually quite hard to become their member as they do not provide a registration form like any other paid online surveys. The only way to register as Pinecone research member is to find Pinecone research banner ad which are available on several websites when a campaign occurs. So whenever you come across any Pinecone banner ad while you are surfing the net, click on the ad and it will take you to Pinecone registration landing page where you will have to fills in the necessary form. Below is a sample of Pinecone banner ads that you should take note if you really want to become their member.

Pinecone Research Banner Ad Image

For more information on Pinecone research panel:

That's it for this post and good luck on making money with Pinecone Research free surveys for cash.
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Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the most important thing. where to sign up!

Brian said...

To sign up for pinecone, you'll need to find pinecone's banner ad on various random sites on the world wide web during the campaign. There's no telling where will the ad showed up, since pinecone itself says that it is confidential. However, there are some sites that actually came up with a solution to overcome this by providing with the registration links right from their website.

One of those sites is

p/s: thanks Anonymous !

TriNi - make money online free said...

I just recently signed up to pinecone and already completed my first survey. However I'm still not sure about the payment method etc. When I get paid, I'll definitely post about it on my blog tho! I've heard this site is one of the best among survey sites.