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Netverdix | Make Money Online Paid Surveys

Netverdix is a subsidiary of Reactions and Opinions Inc, a global market research survey panel that aimed to create a solution from data filtering to generate high quality, actionable and timely information to marketers of all sizes. Netverdix Surveys panel was created in 2000 to gather consumers insights and opinions through online surveys, telephone focus groups and in-person interviews from all over the world. In exchange for the respondents valuable feedback from answering the given surveys, Netverdix will compensate their panel members with cash rewards or monthly sweepstakes. For the past few years, they have successfully integrate their systems and proven to be the best marketing research resource by helping clients achieved the final goal - to increase sales pitch. Netverdix offer a free panel member registration and are open for worldwide registration. You must also meet their age requirement of 13 years old or over in order to qualify as survey panelists.

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Make Money with Netverdix
There are two ways for panel members to earn money from their survey network: 1) Taking and completing online surveys, 2) Cash Sweepstakes. However, Netverdix is another survey site on our list that does not provide any referral commission.
  1. Surveys For Cash
  2. You will be rewarded with cash incentives whenever you have been invited, qualify, participate and submitted a full question survey. A typical Netverdix survey, focus group or media analysis should generate around $2 - $60 depending on the length and value of the study.

  3. Cash Sweepstakes
  4. Each times you completed a survey or responded to an invitation and don't qualify, you will get one entry into their monthly cash drawing where you stand a chance to win one of four instant $50 cash per drawing. On top of that, for every 10 surveys that you take regardless on the qualification status, Netverdix will reward you with one entry into their yearly sweepstakes for the opportunity to win $1200 in cash.

All payments will be processed on the first day of each month after a one month delay. For example, surveys completed in April will be processed at the end of May. They have a very low payout of $2 and are auto issued on the first day of a new month via check.

Although Netverdix does lack on the frequency of surveys, the compensation for any qualified activity(online surveys, focus group and media analysis) is really worth your time. Usually, a simple 10 - 15 minutes survey can get you with $3 in cash reward. In addition, they provide an excellent customer service to answer your problems accordingly.

You can join Netverdix here :

That's it for this review and good luck on making money from Netverdix Panel free surveys for cash.
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