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Synovate Panel | Make Money Online Paid Surveys

Synovate is one of the largest and reputable survey-based marketing research firms that has develop professional data collection to initiate competitive marketing solutions by generating consumers insights from all over the world. Founded in 2003, Synovate Survey Panel has been gradually extending their global present by establishing branches across 62 countries worldwide. With over 6000 staff, 22,611 global projects, 27 million+ interviews, 57,000 focus groups and $720 million annual turnover, Synovate research has dominated the marketing industry, literally. They use the name Global Opinion Panels for their online survey panel to conduct a real-time data research of consumers feedback and reimburse them with some cash for doing the paid surveys. Membership into Synovate panel is free and they accepts worldwide applications. You must also meet their age requirement of 18 years old or over in order to eligible as a valid survey taker.

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Make Money with Synovate Global Opinion Panel
There are currently 3 ways to benefit from their panel which is from sign-up bonus, completing online surveys and monthly sweepstakes. They used to have a referral commission but it has been shut down due to some reasons. Synovate use a points rewarding system in which are redeemable for cash. The conversion rate is 1000 points equal to $1 USD.

  1. Sign Up Bonus
  2. Upon approval of your registration into their research panel , Synovate will credit $0.01(10 points) directly to your newly created account.

  3. Surveys For Cash
  4. Each time you have successfully completed a given survey, Synovate will reward you with some points ranging from 100 - 5000($0.10 - $5) to your account depending on the depth and length of the survey. Usually, the longer it takes to complete a study, the more points will be rewarded. Nevertheless, the exact amount for each survey will be indicated along with the invitation email.

  5. Cash Sweepstakes
  6. There will be a monthly sweepstakes where a total of $1,950 USD(1 prize of $1000 + 5 prizes of $100 + 9 prizes of $50) will be distributed among panel members. You can get entry into the cash sweepstakes from two methods:

    1) As a reward for registering into Synovate Global Opinion Panels (sign up bonus)
    2) Completing and submitting Synovate online survey. One entry for each surveys.

There is a minimum payout of 5000 points or $5 before you can request any cashout. To issue a payment, you need to redeem cash from the accumulated points in your account. Simply log in to Synovate member's area, click on "My Rewards" tab and go to "Redeem" page to exchange points for cash and start a payment transaction. Synovate will send out payments via checks and usually arrived between 4 - 6 weeks from the day of redemption.

In conclusion, Synovate is an excellent paid survey site that provide panel members with a chance to make extra money from expressing their opinions online. Although they do not reward any points for filling out profile background, by keeping this matter up to date, it will let Synovate target the appropriate survey study for you, thus getting a higher chance to qualify for a survey invitation. The only breakdown is the low frequency of receiving survey invitations and the slightly less compensated. Most of the study that you will receive are from short case surveys which usually takes only 5 - 10 minutes to complete.

You can join Synovate here :

That's it for this review and good luck on making money from Synovate Global Opinion Panels free surveys for cash.
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