Monday, April 13, 2009

Paid Surveys | Tips & Tricks

Paid Surveys is a very lucrative income opportunity for any individuals that wish to make extra fast money online. Every now and then, people are jumping into the world of profiting from online surveys. Who would refuse an extra pocket money just from answering a set of question survey on a certain products or company services. Best of all, you will occasionally be given the green light to keep the test product as your belongings and remember that this is the 'prototype' of the real product from which are not even in the market yet!. To ensure you can maximize the full potential of making cash from taking paid surveys, I have compiled some of the best tips and tricks in this post. Good Luck ^_^

Paid Surveys Tips And Tricks
  • Tip 1 - Email Account
  • Create another email account for registering to any paid survey sites on the net. This is to ensure your emails won't get overloaded with unnecessary or spam emails. Just create another free email account and use it to receive survey invitations from all survey sites that you have joined or create a separate account for each sites, it is up to you. Some of the best free email services that you can pick are Google(gmail), Yahoo(yahoo mail) and Msn(hotmail).

  • Tip 2 - Referrals
  • You won't make most of your earnings just from completing paid surveys. You need to improvise and to do that, recruiting other people to join the survey company is ultimately essential to your success. Not all of survey sites offer referrals incentives but most of them do. To effectively promote your referral link, you should broadened the area of targeting on your campaign from all possible 'gateway' available.

    For the off-line approach, you can start off by telling your friends, family, teachers to just anybody about the survey company that you have joined along with current progress and sample earnings. You should also distribute posters and fliers on your success story on how you make extra money from doing online surveys and remember to include your referral link as well.

    For on-line approach, the most popular method to promote your link is from participating on an online community forum. There are so many forums out there but I would personally suggest that you target money related forums rather than a 'cooking forum' or 'sports forum'. Be an active member on the community and remember to put your referral link on the signature box so it would appear every time you have posted a comment.

  • Tip 3 - Register More
  • Try to sign up for as any survey companies as possible to ensure you will get the maximum exposure and more survey invitations. A particular survey company would usually sends out 2 - 6 surveys monthly to their members literally, depending on your profile and personal background. Please bare in mind that you won't qualified for all of those survey invitations and this will reduce your earning potential. The hint here is to go for numerous survey companies as long as it is legitimate and are proven to pay their members accordingly. The more you register, the more will you earn!

  • Tip 4 - Beware of Scams
  • Always be extra cautious on survey scams sites. Falling into these sites not only can waste you time, there is a high possibility that you might lose your savings as well. At worst, the victim will start questioning about the truth of profiting from paid online surveys and might eventually abandoned the whole process. A legitimate online paid survey should NOT have any obligation to pay for any registration fees. Just think about it, why would anyone be charged to voice their opinions that help shape the marketing industries research. Instead, marketers are willing to invest big money just to collect valuable consumers feedback and as survey participants, you are the one that should be paid and not the one that pays. Another method to avoid scam sites is from the survey company liability. Do a brief company checkup on their history and past achievements. Usually, the best legitimate survey sites are often the most popular among marketers and has been in business for several years.

That's it for now and I will continue to provide more tips on my second post of paid surveys tips and tricks. Stay Tuned ^_^
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