Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pinecone Research | Paid Surveys Compensation FAQ

Pinecone Research is a reputable paid survey site that has been conducting marketing research for years. Their "Current Surveys" menu on Pinecone Research website indicate that there are always be opportunities to panel members which is why you should not miss this great site. Survey takers are able to manually choose to be paid via PayPal or Check upon the registration process and you can find out more on Pinecone Research compensation FAQ below:

PayPal Members FAQ

Can I use my old PayPal account?

Yes. You can use your usual personal PayPal account to receive payments from Pinecone Research. Please note that it may incur some additional charges for Business/Premier account.

What is the minimum payout for PayPal account?

There is an exceptionally low minimum threshold payout of $1 USD to receive a payment transaction via PayPal.

When will I be compensated?

Pinecone Research will send payments automatically one day after the completion of any paid surveys that you participated. Please take note that all payments will be made under the email address of name

How to sign up for PayPal?

Just visit and click on the "Sign Up Now" link.

Check Members FAQ

How long will the paychecks valid?

All payments that were made through check will be valid for 120 days. Any attempt for cashing the paycheck after the period will become invalid.

What is the minimum payout for Check members?

You can request a payment via check once you have accumulated $5 for completing the paid surveys.

Can I change my account to be PayPal?

Yes. Any qualified members that meet the requirements shall receive an email inviting them to switch to PayPal account. You can update your PayPal email address on PineCone Research personal profile to start receiving compensation.
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