Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your2Cents FAQs | Free Surveys For Cash

Your2Cents is considered as one of the best free surveys for cash that has been operating since 1996. Apart from the fact that they offer every survey panelists with lots of surveys that pays by cash, Your2Cents is well known for their bonus rewards for completing member profile. On this post, you will find the basic FAQs you need to know before registering to Your2Cents.

Q : How does Your2Cents operates?

Its simple, clients that seek for a solution to increase their products quality or company services will refer to Your2Cents to do the bidding. Your2Cents will experiment every possible ways to achieve the desired target of the client's need and one of those method is by conducting online surveys from a targeted area of population. Respondents that have taken part on the surveys will be rewarded with cash incentives as a token of appreciation.

Q : How to make cash with Your2Cents?

You can get paid based on 3 different basis: taking free surveys for cash, complete member profile and winning cash sweepstakes.
  • Completing paid surveys
  • There are two types of surveys offered by Your2Cents: online and mobile surveys. Online surveys will have to be completed by answering a set of online questionnaire through the Internet while mobile surveys will need the respondent to communicate with Your2Cents representative to answers the questions. Online surveys will be paid with cash ranging from ($1 - $5) and ($3 - $5) for mobile survey.

  • Completing member profile
  • This is what differentiate Your2Cents from any other survey sites. For every completed member profile, Your2Cents will credit the account holder with $1 and another $1 for completing free surveys for cash equivalent to the number of profiles that were completed.

  • Cash Sweepstakes
  • Members can get free entries into Your2Cents quarterly sweepstakes from registering to the site, doing the online surveys and even for the attempt to qualify a survey study. A winner will be chosen in the lucky draw to receive a grand prize of $5000 in cash.

Q : Does Your2Cents offer any referral program?


Q : Is there any cost to join Your2Cents?

No. There is no sign up cost or any other additional fees involve to be a panelist.

Q : How long does it takes to complete a survey?

Survey length will depend on the number of questions and actions needed to be done on a particular session. Theoretically, the more time you took, the more cash will be rewarded. However, a typical online free surveys for cash will take around 10 - 20 minutes to be completed.

Q : How will I know if there are any surveys?

Your2Cents will notify their members with survey invitations though email addresses for online surveys. For mobile study, you will get a text message to your cell phone indicating that there are open mobile survey opportunity for you.

Q : When will I get paid?

You will request a payment once you have reached the minimum payout level of $10 in your account. Payments will be made via check to your mailing address within 2 - 6 weeks of redemption. Please note that Your2Cents will issue paychecks on a multiply of $10. For instance, if you have accumulated $23 in May, you will be paid $20(2 x $10) and left $3 in your account balance.

Q : How to register as a panelist?

To become Your2Cents survey members, just go to this page and complete the required fields to start receiving free surveys for cash. Good Luck!
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